The “Who, What, and Why?”


I am not a professional writer. I was an average high school student in a small town in Ohio. I was an athlete and a social butterfly that liked to be the life of the party. I joined the Army in 2005 as an Infantryman with the expectations of doing 20 years of service flying around foreign countries free to kill all the “bad dudes” I could. I expected to be part of different teams, but never expected to lead any.

At the time of creating this blog, I have 14 years of service and have served as a Fire Team leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, an Observer/Coach Trainer, Senior Drill Sergeant, and a Security Forces Advisor Instructor. I married my high school sweetheart and have three kids, ages 12, 8, 4 with one on the way. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in 2012 (even though at times my actions don’t show it). Our first family dog, Zoey, just passed away after her 5th move and 14 years with us. I have lived all over the United States, to include Alaska and overseas in Germany. I have spent 15 months in Iraq in Baghdad and Mosul. I also spent 12 months in Kandahar, Afghanistan along the Arghandab River Valley. I spent my teenage years without my father, who died of a sudden heart attack. I also lived a life of alcohol abuse through my mid to upper twenties. Never did I imagine an immature and selfish jock from a simple town in southern Ohio could have lived this life of extreme growth. I have developed leadership principles that I didn’t think were possible for a kid like me to learn.


It has been weighing on my heart now for almost 10 months (January 2019) to begin a “leadership” blog. I want to share what’s happened in my life and what I’ve learned so that even one person could glean some knowledge or be provoked to better themselves. Topics I’d like to cover here are:

  • Anything/Everything leadership related that we can grow from together
  • Books and reading material that I’ve read that help shape a leader’s mind
  • A periodic Drill Sergeant story from my time on the trail that will give a laugh
  • Tips, techniques, and philosophies on how I’ve handled certain situations
  • And just periodic thoughts and conversations that I would love your view and takes on to grow from one another

I’m sure there will be topics I write about and have views on that you will not agree with. That’s perfectly fine and in fact, encouraged. I obviously don’t know everything and there are tons of ways to handle a situation. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed, but just know I don’t have the time or energy for in-depth debates and arguments. We will make our points and stances and let the community decide their path.


I enjoy reading material from strong and popular military figures, spiritual leaders, and anyone with material that is designed to make me think and better myself. I’ve had the thought that “What if readers are overwhelmed and view these leader’s accomplishments as impossible for themselves?” My goal is to be that average individual that goes through the daily grind like everyone else yet be relevant. I want to hopefully connect with an audience to share how I tackle certain subjects and areas where leadership is welcomed and necessary.

“Discovering Leadership” is the chosen title of my blog because even at this point, I’m still discovering who I am as a leader and adapting constantly to the certain situations that require a particular leader. Hopefully with a community of “leader driven” minds, we can learn and grow from each other and foster a positive environment to advance leaders in a world where it is more necessary as ever before to stand strong and lead this world as it should be.

One thought on “The “Who, What, and Why?”

  1. Leadership is a fluid topic that too many people try to define and find similarities in individuals. Randy I can’t wait to see what you have to say. From the day I met you with your hitler stash, to our escapades at both Campbell and Polk, to the days we held men’s study groups and post rotational breakfasts after our New Lives we’re identified. Our journey is what leads to what eye openings messages you’re about to post.


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